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Motor skills
An action-song provides a child the opportunity to integrate rhythm, body percussion and vocalization.
Rhythm N Rhyme
Stimulate learning
We know that repetition of music and rhymes in a beat with a predictable patter stimulates the eagerness to learn.
Rhythm N Rhyme
All kids learn & commuicate differently. Some learn best through hearing, while others are more visual learners. Baby & Toddler sign language helps fill vocabulary gaps.
Rhythm N Rhyme


Great teacher love her energy.
Meetha Heri
Vidit started entertaining and eagerly wait for his class because he has to go to hide n peek.
Full of fun and energy.Instruments can be added, everything else is fantastic!!
Sheetal Gupta
Serena loves it. A class which is full of energy and creative.
Shaheen Patel
Loads of fun and activity. Teacher is excellent!! A little more emphasis on music/rhymes. Introduction to instruments.
Anaika had a great time and looked forward to her classes.Thanks for making music fun and crazy.

Shruthi.M.Sima[ Anaika’s mother]
Vivienne did a great job teaching the kids. She was so much fun my kids looked forward to the class every week.

Very interactive and enjoyable for the kids. Maybe have more songs. Thank you for a very enjoyable class. Indran thoroughly enjoys the class.
Nandita Abrfo [Indran’s mother]
I find all of them perfect for kinds specially the teacher. I liked her!!
Mayuri Jain
Keeps the children very bright and active. Good music,teacher is super!!! Very caring and friendly.
Giannah .G.Mahtani
Good instruments, teacher very friendly and loving.
Arjun Ranjit James
My daughter loved it!! Great way to introduce rhythm to kids!! Vivienne brings a lot of energy and fun to the class. Nice blend of physical,social skills!! They learn and enjoy it!! Cant ask for more.
Shweta Mehra
Hemanth Kumar
Great energy.
Jaysheel Anand
Good instructor;good environment;good teaching methodologies and activities.My child learnt quote a lot of things;identifying colours, body parts, activities.Enthusiastic about attending class.
Ravi [ Avni’s father]
Very good. My child learnt to mix with others and enjoyed being at class.
Anuj Chakrapani
Meeting other kids, social skills,music & dance all of it is great.
Christina [Kia’s mother]
It was full of different fun activities and with lots of music and colour.
Rituparna [Raga’s mother]
The music is very energetic & it encouraged my son to actually start dancing. The teacher is full of energy and it was contagious!!
Enjoyed it very much.Children are given a chance to interact and hav fun.
Harshil loves music class.
Deepa [Harshil’s mother]
Nia loves her music class and her play time.Enjoyed the class would like to join again.
Gitika Singh [Nia’s mother]
Interactive between parents and children;lots of variety, different senses of the body are activated.
A good time for he kids to enjoy a lot!
Very good!!!
It was interactive, innovative and colourful.
Everything is awesome about the class.
Super kids enjoy the class.
Enjoys thoroughly!!! Very nice. Please do more classes so that we can be a part of it. Thank you!
Love the fact that even <1yr olds have a forum to interact with other kids!!
Its fun for the child and parents too.Also helps the child a step towards social gathering.
Disha loves to dance. She has become very confident now.She even performs for guests.
Latha Anand [Disha mother]
Gets her around with other children.
Tina [Jacinta’s mother]
He learnt so many things .Thanks a lot!!
Rama Devi [Rushil’s mother]
Energy and enthusiasm of Mrs.Viv is wonderful. It keeps the class up!!
Pratima [Punya’s mother]
Lots of singing,movement,good emphasis on gymnastics and rhythm which are not cover so well in regular play school.
Great teacher and super fun for the kids!!!
Kirti [Divinaa & Hiren’s mother]
It gives us relaxed fun time with our child in a nice environment.
Almas[Emad's mom]
Very interactive.
Your enthusiasm, the variety of stuff my baby learnt and also interacting with other kids.
My daughter started mixing with other children.
Sweta Jhawar
Krishna had a lot of fun! He got to interact with a lot of kids and learnt a lot in turn!!
Shweta Chellaram Samant
Its great to come across fun activities for toddlers.
Shweta Sharan
Felt it really benefitted my daughter.She’s become more social and understanding with other kids.
Bella Thomas
Yuvi loves the pom pom mike so much he turns everything into a mike at home!!

Neha Bagaria
Its fun and action packed class

The class helped my kid to socialize with others. Everything is so nice. She likes the music very much, that we use the CD to make her sit silently in the car. Oh yes she has learnt a lot.
Devika, Aaradana’s mother
Friendly teachers, good ambience and what a fun place for parents too. My son improved at his hand eye coordination. Am keen for more classes.
Adrien Dominic's Mom
My daughter had a lovely time. She learnt all signs. Thanks, sorry, share etc. The classes make kids happy and they have lots of fun.
Manjesh, Manvithas dad
Very good collection on inputs. My little one enjoyed it a lot.
The class is enjoyable, with the action, singing and dancing. it was conducted very well.
Dr Meenakshi
Enjoyed the class very much. Children were given a chance to interact and have fun. The music was energetic & it encouraged my son to actually start dancing, The teacher is full of energy and it was contagious.
Ms Shanti
This class is very good, we enjoy the class because it is innovative and colourful
Swapna Mahajan