Rhythm N Rhyme is the only parent / child music and movement program in Bangalore. This program has been in Bangalore since 6 years. We focus on introducing children to rhythm patterns, that are essential while learning and enjoying music. We incorporate academic concepts into songs that enhance learning, not forgetting having a lot of fun! while doing the same. Our classes encourage musical and creative development, plus foster language development, physical coordination, cooperative play, socialization, and enhance listening skills.

At Rhythm N Rhyme, children participate as they choose at their own development level. We stimulate learning through play, music and fun. We at Rhythm N Rhyme know that the repetition of music and rhymes in a beat with a predictable pattern stimulates the eagerness to learn.

We work with you and caregivers

We believe your child’s most important teacher is you. Our activities focus on adult / child interaction rather than child/child interaction so that children of different ages can learn and enjoy class together.

Our instructors serve as your guide, as you and your child work together on basic motor and social skills. Together, you will practice a variety of gentle moves that help develop your child’s balance, body awareness and coordination.

Our Parent/Child Classes focus on:

  • Increasing physical strength, flexibility and coordination through gymnastics concepts
  • Awareness of spatial and perceptual concepts
  • Self-expression
  • Greater independence
  • Early socialization
  • Following directions and cooperating
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Accepting challenges and new places
  • Developing Independence
  • Comfortably separating from parents
  • Feeling proud of accomplishments
  • Knowing colors and numbers
  • Preparation for pre-school and kindergarten

Rhythm N Rhyme is the perfect fit for your child in these early years. Our activities enable:

  • Exploration of basic motor skills.
  • Self-expression and early socialization.
  • Greater independence leading to confidence building.
  • Following directions and enhancing listening skills.
  • Sharing and taking turns.
  • Feeling proud of accomplishments and becoming self-motivated.
  • Learning and identifying colors, numbers, shapes and patterns.
  • Introducing clean up activities with a song.
  • Following rhythm, toning the ear to music.
  • Effective communication with the use of baby sign language.
  • Increasing physical strength, flexibility & coordination through simple gymnastic concepts helping build upper body strength.
  • Enhancing their coordination and balance.

Please visit our SCHEDULE section to find a class closest to you. 

Contact Us

Rhythm n Rhyme

Mobile: Viv@ +919632961700

Email: viv@rhythmnrhyme.com


The class helped my kid to socialize with others. Everything is so nice. Oh yes she has learnt a lot. -- Devika, Aaradana’s mother

My daughter had a lovely time. The classes make kids happy and they have lots of fun. -- Manjesh, Manvitha's Dad

The music was energetic & it encouraged my son to actually start dancing, The teacher is full of energy and it was contagious. -- Ms Shanti

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