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About the founder and instructor

Ms. Vivienne V

Every great business begins with a need, a vision and an opportunity. Rhythm N Rhyme founder Ms.Vivienne realized that success in life starts at a very early age.  Along with her children she participated in several music and movement programs in the U.S where she lived for 5 years. The programs were amazing and helped promote co-ordination, balance, self-esteem and an excellent ear for music and rhythm. These programs were not only fun for the children but were also refreshing for the mother’s. Having moved to India, she saw an opportunity for such parent / child programs and introduced Rhythm N Rhyme to Bangalore. The program has been incredibly successful and today is available at 10 locations across Bangalore.

Our instructors

Mr. Ravi Stephen

Stephen is a vocalist and guitarist who specializes in R&B music for past 12 years. A very talented Musician, Singer and song writer.He comes with a wide experience of having played in 3 different bands, and now is a solo performer across 5 star hotels in Bangalore over the weekends. He joined us in August 2015 manages the operations in the academy. He enjoys the company of kids and loves to express himself, a fun loving person who loves to share his talent and passion for music.

Ms. Usha Krishnamurthy

An early learning specialist. Spent over a decade managing, teaching, playing and learning with kids. And also a music enthusiast born out of a deep affinity for classical music. As a child She had always been part of the choir through her schooling years.

Rhythm n Rhyme classes are memoir to her. She’s a audio visual learner herself and catering same to the toddlers is such a delight.

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Rhythm n Rhyme

Mobile: Viv@ +919632961700

Email: viv@rhythmnrhyme.com


The class helped my kid to socialize with others. Everything is so nice. Oh yes she has learnt a lot. -- Devika, Aaradana’s mother

My daughter had a lovely time. The classes make kids happy and they have lots of fun. -- Manjesh, Manvitha's Dad

The music was energetic & it encouraged my son to actually start dancing, The teacher is full of energy and it was contagious. -- Ms Shanti

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