Music is a great communication tool.

Often we as adults come across instances where a complete stranger becomes an acquaintance just with the fact that we both enjoyed the same song played at a restaurant. Kids too find it much easier to make friends and feel excepted when a similar song or rhyme is played that is known to both.

Studies have proven that children tell others whether they are happy, sad, lonely, excited, or scared just by singing a song or moving their body.

Music also is important because it helps children learn to cooperate, follow directions, and develop social relationships. It helps them learn how to get along and communicate with other people who live in their society.


Everyone has had moments in their lives when they could not communicate their needs in a way others could understand. The result is a level of frustration beyond compare. Babies are the same as adults in this regard.

Wanting something and being unable to explain what exactly is wanted frequently results in loud crying, utter frustration, and/or tantrums.

So the first benefit of using Baby Sign Language is, that it gives your baby the ability to express his or her important needs and thoughts. A common line we parents use is “say thankyou”. We at music class make sure your little one and you as the parent know the sign for thankyou.  We use it very often at class ensuring your child gets practice of the same.


Toddlers can speak a few words, but still many a times when they are unable to express themselves to their satisfaction.

Many of the infamous “terrible two’s” tantrums are a result of complete and total frustration over the inability to express emotions or feelings.

Toddlers can learn Toddler Sign Language, which makes communication easier and more effective. A child throwing a tantrum is miserable. Often we as parents feel overwhelmed at trying to cope with the emotional rage. At this time the sign for STOP would work best that saying “NO”! “NO”!

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The class helped my kid to socialize with others. Everything is so nice. Oh yes she has learnt a lot. -- Devika, Aaradana’s mother

My daughter had a lovely time. The classes make kids happy and they have lots of fun. -- Manjesh, Manvitha's Dad

The music was energetic & it encouraged my son to actually start dancing, The teacher is full of energy and it was contagious. -- Ms Shanti

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