Stimulate Learning

Music activities and instrument play helps our Bugs and Beasts develop steady beat, listening skills, fine motor skills, language abilities, and a love for music. Music is not only fun for young children, but good for their development, too.


Music and rhythm can help children:

  • Express their emotions. Children will sing a joyful song or hum a catchy tune when they’re happy. In contrast, their dance movements might be jerky and aggressive when they are angry or frustrated.
  • Release energy and channel it in creative, productive directions.
  • Gain confidence in themselves as they realize they can use their minds and bodies together.
  • Learn that, with practice, their bodies will do almost anything they want them to do – even leap across a room or turn cartwheels in time to music.
  • Learn new words and ideas. Children often create their own songs, melodies, and movements.
  • Learn about themselves and the relationships they have with others.
  • Shy children discover that they feel bolder among other people when they are loudly singing or dancing.
  • Misbehaving children might be calmed when soft music is played.

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The class helped my kid to socialize with others. Everything is so nice. Oh yes she has learnt a lot. -- Devika, Aaradana’s mother

My daughter had a lovely time. The classes make kids happy and they have lots of fun. -- Manjesh, Manvitha's Dad

The music was energetic & it encouraged my son to actually start dancing, The teacher is full of energy and it was contagious. -- Ms Shanti

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