Hemanth Kumar | | read full testimonial »

Great energy

Jaysheel Anand | | read full testimonial »

Good instructor;good environment;good teaching methodologies and activities.My child learnt quote a lot of things;identifying colours, body parts, activities.Enthusiastic about attending class.

Very good. My child learnt to mix with others and enjoyed being at class.

Anuj Chakrapani | | read full testimonial »

Meeting other kids, social skills,music & dance all of it is great.

Christina | | read full testimonial »

It was full of different fun activities and with lots of music and colour.

Rituparna | | read full testimonial »

The music is very energetic & it encouraged my son to actually start dancing. The teacher is full of energy and it was contagious!!

Enjoyed it very much.Children are given a chance to interact and hav fun.

Very entertaining.

Mithraa Ilango | | read full testimonial »

Harshil loves music class.

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