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Getting an early start helps your baby's development in both mental and physical spheres. Playing music can activate the neural pathways responsible for many skills. There is a close connection between music and linguistic development. Both skills require the ability to differentiate between auditory nuances and similar sounds as “B” and “P”. Listening to music and participating in music class will help your infant develop auditory data and sharpen their auditory memory. Singing and swaying them gently from side to side helps them feel the rhythm. You create a multi sensory experience for your baby when you use a maracha or shaker and tap it on their toes. In this way you are stimulating the muscles and encouraging your baby to feel the music and the rhythm in their body.

Studies have shown that babies who engage in making music and moving to music use more communicative gestures such as hugging a doll to show affection than those who listen passively to music. Music class is the easiest way for you to strengthen your relationship with your baby.

Research has proven that moving to music with someone triggers the relase of oxytocin—the “bonding” hormone also produced during nursing.


1 Year - 3 Years

Beginning class parents join in the exploration of basic motor and early social-skill development with their children. We clap, swing, sing,twirl, bounce to music. Our activities focus at facilitating hand-eye coordination and simple fine-motor movements.

Our Walkers typically enjoy :

  • Clapping, swinging, singing, bouncing and moving to music.
  • Rhymes with finger play which help develop fine motor skills
  • Soft play and music equipment that promote active listening skills
  • Rhythm patterns which help build confidence
  • Soft ball play and bubbles that promote hand-eye co-ordination
  • Playing ensemble music using different instruments like shakers, sticks, bells, triangles etc and learning to play together
  • Being rewarded for an action well done by all the mommies in the room is a big boost towards confidence building
  • Imitating other walkers and trying to copy some moves and actions

Interacting with others of the similar age is not only fun but a huge learning for infants and their momies.


3 TO 6 Years

Our Jumpers at class typically enjoy :

  • Walking, running, wiggling, singing, jumping as they move to music and familiar rhymes.
  • Music and rhymes which support movement with an emphasis on gross motor skills and body awareness.
  • Playing ensemble music using different instruments such as shakers, sticks, bells, triangles etc.
  • Learning to play ensemble music together as well as taking turns.
  • Singing rhymes in a pattern and following one another which encourages early socializing.
  • Learning simple and easy gymnastic skills that build confidence.
  • Songs that teach good habits and cooperative play.
  • Being able to communicate with one another through music and song thus fostering language development.

Our Bunnies at class are ready to learn more complex rhythmic patterns and dance moves. The activities incorporate more advanced locomotive activities such as running, galloping, jumping etc which develops strength, body and spatial awareness, balance, coordination and self-esteem.

A perfect class for the child who loves to move around and explore their surroundings.

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